Winter Conference in Statistics 2017

12th Mar 2017
Winter Conference in Statistics 2017
March 12-16 2017, Hotel Fjällgården, Åre (Sweden)

The Winter Conference acts as an important platform and meeting place for statisticians in Scandinavia, where important topics are discussed. Through the years the Winter Conference has been the starting point for many new collaborations and research projects. The topic of the 2017 Winter Conference is “Statistical analyses of big and high dimensional data”, which is of wide interest in the research community.

We will have three main speakers at the conference, each giving four hours of lectures. The speakers will provide a comprehensive introduction to the subject together with highlights of recent advances in the research area. Therefore the conference is directed both to the experts in the area as well as scientists willing to learn new methodology.

  1. Simon Wood, University of Bristol
  2. Jane-Ling Wang, University of California, Davis
  3. Ana Maria Staicu, North Carolina State University

Venue details:
Hotel Fjällgården, Fjällgårdsvägen 35, 830 14 Åre, Sweden,Tel: +46(0)64714500

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