European Courses in Advanced Statistics - Courses

The Fifth Course in the ECAS Programme:

Longitudinal Data Analysis and Repeated Measures
September 11-15, 1995

Scientific Programme Committee:
Peter Diggle (UK, Chair)
Daniel Peña (Spain)
Siegfried Heiler (Germany)
Willem Heiser (Netherlands)
David Hand (UK)

Organising Committee:
David Hand (Chair)
Shirley Hitchcock
Peter Diggle
Fergus Daly
John Gower
Chris Jones
Kevin McConway
Mike Richards

Scope of the course:
Situations in which the objects being studied are measured repeatedly, at a series of successive points in time, arise in many application areas including medicine, psychology and engineering. They present challenging problems for analysis, because the observations are not independent, and suitable models must be found to reflect this. Recent years have witnessed the development of powerful new approaches for handling such data, and the aim of this course is to cover those developments. Topics to be covered include linear models for continuous processes, generalized linear models for discrete/non-Gaussian processes missing values, nonparametric methods and crossover trials. Emphasis is on the situation where several objects are measured at relatively few times, rather than a single object at many times.

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