European Courses in Advanced Statistics - Courses

The Third Course in the ECAS Programme:

Design of Experiments
Sète, France
September 30-October 4, 1991

Scientific Programme Committee:
D. Peña, (Madrid) Chairman
S. Hailer, (Konstanz)
A. Kobillinsky, (Versailles)
R. Payne, (Rothamstead)
G. Saporta, (Paris)
G. Tranquilli , (Roma)

Organising Committee:
G. Saporta, (Paris), Chairman
C. Durand, (Grenoble), Secretary
J. Droesbeke, (Brussels, Belgium)
J.P. Gauchi, (Paris)
P.L. Gonzalez, (Paris)
N. Lauro, (Napoli)
J.C. Sisson, (Paris)
N. Victor, (Heidelberg)

Scope of the course:
Designs of experiments is one of the mayor contributions of statistics to scientific and industrial research. Since Fisher and Yates many developments occurred and in the last years there has been a renewal in the interest for this field, mainly due to applications in quality improvement. The main purpouse of this course is to present the theoretical background of experimental design together with practical applications with computer software, especially for design construction.


R.A. Bailey (Rothamstead, UK)
D. Collombier (Pau, France)
A. Giovagnoli (Regia, Italy)
J.A. Nelder (London, UK)
A. Prat (Barcelona, Spain)
D.A. Preece (Canterbury, UK)
D. Rasch (Rostock, Germany)

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